Success stories: Putting digital strategy into action

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Elsewhen has delivered transformational digital projects for a wide range of clients. Discover a few of our customer success stories.

Creating a digital platform to productise expertise and assets

Elsewhen also recently worked with a leading private equity firm to help it deliver on its digital strategy. The firm works to build a portfolio of high-growth, sustainable businesses that deliver a compelling proposition—supporting them with expertise and capital to drive growth.

As an evolution of its digital strategy, the firm identified the potential for a new digital service, targeted at SME businesses. Elsewhen worked on a proof-of-concept to develop this in terms of a value proposition, service design and technology strategy— creating a viable digital platform to empower SMEs.

The Elsewhen team visualised a digital ‘one-stop- shop’ for SME banking and finance. They also identified, assessed and shortlisted technology partners and financial service providers who could enable the platform’s core functionalities.

From the end-user perspective of SME businesses, the new platform will enable them to see into their financial future more clearly. They will be able to take action to avoid running out of cash, easily changing a payment date or amount— while gaining access to credit, loans and other tailored financial services at the right time.

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Transforming a traditional company to a digital business

Financial services firm Capitalflow has become Ireland’s fastest-growing alternative lender to SME businesses, serving more than 2000 companies. The business had launched with an attractive offering to customers—but its underlying technology infrastructure was holding it back from the next phase of growth.

The company’s lending process was based on a complex mix of manual activities, requiring phone calls, emails, Word files, paper documents, PDFs and spreadsheets. Receiving a customer lending application, assessing this, making a decision and transferring capital could take weeks.

Capitalflow appointed Elsewhen to conduct a review of its current processes and technology to ascertain the best approach to achieve its growth ambitions. Elsewhen worked closely with Capitalflow to create a new technical architecture that would be needed to achieve its ambitious goals.

Capitalflow now has the strategy for a scalable digital platform to improve customer experience, gain greater market share, better identify market opportunities—and roll out new offerings quickly to take advantage of these.

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Launching an innovative technology-enabled offering

As a digital-native insurance business, Zego has a highly evolved digital strategy—and a belief in the power of data. Its customers include professional drivers of private hire vehicles and food delivery scooters—and it is a preferred insurance partner to Uber, Just Eat and Deliveroo.

As an evolution of its digitally-enabled offering, Zego wanted to use app-based telematics technology to identify and reduce risk for customers through helping them improve their driving behaviour.

Digital consultancy Elsewhen’s strategic work and insights guided the creation and launch of the new Zego Sense telematics app in late 2020. The app enables customers to automatically share driving data. This allows Zego to assess risk more accurately—and consequently offer insurance products to professional drivers at a fairer price.

Elsewhen’s delivery of a strategic open market telematics product has helped Zego fulfil its digital strategy and become the UK’s first Insurtech ‘unicorn’—achieving a business valuation in 2021 of over $1 billion (£0.7 billion).

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