The Design Productivity Blueprint - in collaboration with Spotify Design

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Improving design productivity has become a hot topic, with new tooling and processes emerging and evolving to help. As part of our work with Spotify Design, we partnered with them on creating a free Figma toolkit for the Design and DesignOps communities to unlock design productivity.

Productivity can be a complicated area to navigate—whether defining, measuring, or looking to improve—but it is a worthwhile and necessary area of investigation for any company with a significant (or growing) design team.

At the core of the thinking behind the toolkit we co-created is the idea that improving design productivity is key to unlocking design creativity. You can get a more detailed explanation of the toolkit, along with some context into how productivity has been tackled at Spotify Design, along with a detailed look at some of their processes, in the accompanying article over on

The diagnostic toolkit itself is made up of workshops, interview templates, and a productivity canvas, to help communicate your findings and needs to the organisation. At the time of writing it has now hit the milestone of 2,500 downloads from the Figma community.

You can take a look and download it here.


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