Combining expertise in UI and UX design

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An expert digital product designer combines the skills of both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

UX defines the overall experience that a digital product provides for the user. Based on the desired objectives and functionalities of the product, the designer will research the market and the target users.

They can then create representative user personas, identify current needs and pain points, and find opportunities to address these.

Next they will map out user journeys and information architecture, determining how users will engage with the product. UX also encompasses a wide range of other factors, such as usability and accessibility.

Working within the UX ‘big picture’ framework, the designer then develops the detailed ‘look and feel’ of the UI to create an intuitive brand experience.

The UI design determines how a user interacts with the product’s interface. The designer creates all the screens that a user will move through to achieve their objectives—and ensure that this user journey is as intuitive and frictionless as possible.

This covers the visual layout and styling of elements such as text, images and icons, as well as interface controls—buttons, sliders, forms, menus and so on. Digital products are not static, so the UI designer will also think in terms of interaction, motion, and rich media content such as video.

Having proficiency in both UI and UX enables the designer to move seamlessly between the broad overview and fine detail of your digital product. For mobile apps, they can also explore the use of location-based information, cameras and other device sensor data.

An expert designer who is proficient in both UI and UX design is therefore able to move seamlessly between the broad overview and fine detail of a product.


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