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Media technology business Finecast is a leader in ‘ addressable TV’—which enables advertisers to precision-target viewers across on-demand, linear and live-streaming TV environments. Finecast’s addressable TV offering provides a powerful opportunity for advertisers, but its sophistication and complexity can make it hard for agencies to understand at first.

Finecast knows that, in a world of digital acceleration and personalisation, authentic consumer connections have never been more important to TV advertisers. Identifying the viewing audience without cookies or stable device IDs is challenging, and requires a new approach to the way targeted advertising is delivered.

The considerable fragmentation that exists across TV platforms and broadcaster services makes holistic audience planning that much more difficult. Finecast’s technology offers a solution to this – that works across the addressable TV ecosystem, across all channels, screens and devices.

However, Finecast’s legacy tools for campaign planning, pricing and reporting did not match up to the cutting-edge nature of its core offering. Finecast asked Elsewhen to integrate campaign planning, pricing and reporting activities into a single world-class platform – and scale this out across multiple teams and global territories.

Finecast wanted to help its teams convey the power and precision of their service to agency customers more effectively. The company engaged Elsewhen to create a new digital campaign pricing and reporting solution.

They asked us to deliver on a vision to centralise campaign planning, pricing and reporting activities into a single world-class self-service platform—and scale this out across multiple teams and territories.

We collaborated closely with Finecast on the project, using Agile ways of working. Our team had to dive-in and quickly understand the company’s workflows in great detail, to gain context on how the new platform would be used.

We have developed a flexible, built-for-purpose platform that not only enhances business insight but also provides highly visual and customisable reports and dashboards. By implementing a comprehensive design system and visual components, we were able to swiftly generate high-fidelity working prototypes for user testing and iterative improvements.

Our powerful self-service platform empowers precise campaign audience planning, pricing, and reporting in an efficient, repeatable, and scalable manner. In addition, our team has created a cohesive data visualisation framework that enables Finecast teams to effectively comprehend and communicate insights to agency clients.

Advertisers can identify market hotspots for their offering on a geographic heat map that adjusts in real-time as filters are applied. Finecast can then use the platform to plan, schedule and price a campaign—and arrange for it to go live on the right TV platforms, for the right audiences.

The new platform gives Finecast total campaign visibility, full value from their data, and a powerful yet simple and intuitive user experience. It brings a new level of sophistication, accessibility and depth to campaign management, and has redefined how the business drives performance for advertisers.


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