Recognising the importance of digital product design

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What is it that makes expert digital product designers so important to a modern organisation?

Netflix has created one of the most successful digital products of the past decade—and the firm’s CEO Reed Hastings has strong opinions on the business value of creative excellence. As he says: “In all creative roles, the best is easily ten times better than average.” Working in harmony with software engineers, expert designers.

Great design takes the effectiveness, usability and value of today’s digital products to a higher level.

A skilled and experienced designer of digital products will help your organisation by providing a fresh and pragmatic perspective on your product challenges. They will work quickly and efficiently to design the best possible products and bring excellence to your digital delivery processes.

The right designer can accelerate and elevate your project—whether focusing on a specific product area, or driving end-to-end delivery. As we’ll explore in the following sections, leading technology-enabled organisations use designers to ensure digital product excellence in a variety of ways:


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