The Importance of UI and UX in transforming digital products

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A poor user experience is often the main reason why many digital products fail to live up to their potential. Despite having a clear vision, strong strategy, and powerful features, a lack of focus on the user experience can prevent users from fully engaging with a product.

However, this can be solved by working with a digital product design consultancy, such as Elsewhen, to redesign the product to a best-in-class standard and provide a truly consumer-grade experience.

An expert digital product designer combines the skills of both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design to transform products.

They research the needs and pain points of the users and find ways to address them by mapping out user journeys and determining the information architecture. They then work within the UX framework to create an intuitive brand experience through the detailed look and feel of the UI.

The combination of UI and UX skills allows the designer to move seamlessly between the broad overview and fine details of a digital product.

Magic Mountain Case study

Magic Mountain is a social fitness and wellness activity app aimed at helping people build healthy habits through teamwork.

The app faced a low user retention rate and poor user experience, leading to a redesign effort led by Elsewhen.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the team worked to improve the app's user experience and introduce new features.

This involved conducting workshops and interviews with users to determine the app's current status and desired objectives.

The findings showed that the app's UI and UX needed a full refresh and improvements to the underlying code to support future development and scalability.

Using Agile methodology, Elsewhen transformed the app's conceptual ideas into a functional product design.

This resulted in a transformed app that was well received by users and ready for future growth and investor attention.

In conclusion, UI and UX are essential components of digital product design and can make a significant impact on the success of a product.

Working with an expert digital product designer can elevate a product to new heights by providing a truly consumer-grade user experience. Through the combination of UI and UX skills, the designer can create a seamless and intuitive brand experience that drives user growth and investor interest.


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