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the ground up

Digital stories from 
the ground up

Your guide to how organisations achieve real-world business transformation

Driving digital change in your organisation can feel like exploring uncharted territory. You strive to make forward progress and reach new landmarks—but you have no proven route map to follow and no trusted guide to help you.

Learn from this guide, which gathers a range of client success stories showing how Elsewhen has helped diverse organisations deliver positive digital change from the ground up.

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Digital success stories

Digital leaders often have a strong vision for what they want to achieve, but lack detailed real-world examples of how other organisations have delivered similar transformation initiatives in practice.

Selected digital stories
  • Accelerating digital product delivery and testing for Mastercard
  • Moving from traditional processes to a digital platform for Capitalflow
  • Using digital channels for customer self-service for Selecta
  • Building engagement with a better digital experience for Inmarsat
  • Understanding the needs of internal customers for Spotify
  • Gaining data insights with an interactive platform for Finecast
  • Taking design and user experience to the next level for Magic Mountain
  • Upgrading digital experience for a multi-brand global business


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