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Transforming CX for a multi-brand global platform


As a FTSE 100 company in the gaming industry, our client has grown rapidly in recent years, with the acquisition of many iconic brands. Operating in more than 20 countries across five continents, this large organisation operates complex digital products – and has ambitions to be the world-leader in its sector.

Recently, the business engaged Elsewhen to reimagine key aspects of its digital customer experience (CX), as well as creating a new multi-brand design system. We analysed the company’s priority areas of customer onboarding and payments – delivering high-fidelity digital prototypes for a new best-in-class platform.

  • Improving overall customer experience for a FTSE 100 company’s global consumer platform, across multiple brands, languages and territories.
  • Reimagining user journeys for customer onboarding and payments – delivering high-fidelity prototypes for web and native mobile.

The challenge
Solving complex brand and user experience issues

Our services
  • Product strategy
  • User research
  • Jobs To Be Done analysis
  • Customer journey design
  • Digital product design
  • UX & UI design
  • Prototype design

Recent acquisitions mean the company now operates more than 20 brands in multiple territories and languages. A key issue for the business is bringing brand consistency and improved customer experience across the different channels and brands. 

They wanted to rival the best-in-class UX achieved by digital leaders in other sectors – such as Revolut, Uber and Netflix. They also wanted to build loyalty for their brands by delighting customers with an outstanding experience.

With this aim, the company identified a range of challenges to overcome. In particular, onboarding and payments were seen as needing urgent improvement. The existing user journeys provided a poor UX and prevented many customers from completing signups and transactions.

Solving complex brand consistency and user experience issues

Our strategic approach
Reimagining the digital experience for new and repeat customers

We collaborated closely with the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Head of Customer Experience throughout the process. Our design teams worked alongside the company’s people to share insights and build teamwork.

Elsewhen ran two main synchronised work-streams. Our discovery stream examined each customer journey, considering how to improve these to best-in-class levels reached by brands such as Uber. We also undertook brand discovery – understanding how to tweak the baseline for each of the individual brand values and needs. We explored how to simplify the journeys using innovative technology, while retaining customer trust. 

Our second work-stream evaluated assumptions made in designing each high-level journey, testing them with users and key stakeholders. We proposed behavioural “nudges” to encourage conversions – and customer personalisation to create a focused experience. The team then developed the user journeys in detail, to ensure a seamless handoff to the in-house implementation teams.

Reimagining the digital experience for new and repeat customers

Our solution
Using interactive digital prototypes to make the opportunity clear

We helped this global FTSE 100 company drive transformation in customer experience

We delivered high-fidelity digital prototypes that presented an improved experience for the web. We also delivered a prototype for a new native app, providing a superior mobile experience. We worked across multiple client brands, providing each with a digital design system based on common components. 

Our solution improved the onboarding and payments journeys by making clearer use of the brand voice. While previously these activities had been presented as off-putting ‘admin’ tasks, we embraced them as a key part of the customer experience. We gave customers a simplified and conversational onboarding experience that encourages completion – by breaking down the original long signup form into a series of focused screens with clear progress indicators.

We also showed how the capabilities of a native mobile app would further improve the customer experience. For accelerated onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC), the app can use modern identity verification solutions. Simplified logins can be enabled using Apple ID or Google Account for secure sign-in via biometric facial or fingerprint recognition. For easier payments, the app can also utilise Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Using interactive digital prototypes to make the opportunity clear

The outcomes
Enabling a global experience upgrade to delight customers

We delivered digital prototypes for implementation by the company’s brands worldwide

The business was excited by the major improvements Elsewhen delivered for the customer experience of their digital platform.

They could clearly see the impact this would make to key success metrics – including increased customer satisfaction, conversions, loyalty and engagement, as well as reducing contacts to customer services.

The digital prototypes we created were taken forward by the company for further implementation. The solution was then ready for the company’s own teams to roll out easily across all their brands, languages and territories – enabling global customer experience improvements.


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