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Keeping history alive


So much of the wisdom and knowledge we gain throughout our lives gets lost when we are no longer around. Kindeo helps you create a unique record of your life on video, so future generations can learn from your stories.

Founders John Gilbey and Seb Royce asked Elsewhen to put together a team for design, development and product management with goals of getting to product/market fit, help finding a fulltime Kindeo team and assist with fundraising along the way.

Our services
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Market sizing & definition
  • Qualitative User research
  • UI & Interaction design
  • Front end engineering (Angular, iOS)
  • Back end engineering (Node JS)
  • DevOps & infrastructure (AWS)
  • Team hire and transition
Designing an iPad app that lets you share your stories with future generations.

The challenges
Bring families closer together

Working with first time technical founders and a target audience that is not necessarily used to purchasing digital products, we had to be lean and flexible in our both our approach and our preconceptions throughout the project and product lifecycle.

We helped the founders with proposition development, fundraising, design, development and product management. They worked with the Elsewhen team on a daily basis and learnt how to build and launch a product so they were ready when we took our guiding hands away.

Bring families closer together

Our approach
In customers’ hands in three months


Using a lean and agile mindset we balanced discovery and delivery throughout the project. We started out testing with our core target user, the over 60’s. But as time went on we learnt that they were not necessarily our customer and so expanded our user and proposition testing to include a wider set of family members.

After three months we had an MVP in the hands of a betagroup. They used the application in a real world setting giving us a feedback loop of both quantitative and qualitative data. These insights helped form product decisions, marketing strategy and helped with fundraising.

My Kindeo App

The outcomes
Kindeo helps you to keep your family history alive

Kindeo featured on the BBC, in The Guardian, in the Metro and was named one of Wired UK’s Best iPad Apps of 2017.

6 sprints
from definition to MVP
valuation increase

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